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Fall Lawn Care – Secret Tips


There are a good many lawn care tips that you can do to make your lawn a success, and one of the first of these is to change the blade settings on your lawnmower in keeping with the season.

This is especially important in April and in August, which, as you know, are the main growing months of the year. Remember that at this time your mower blades will probably be at the highest settings.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

But then, as the year turns towards fall, that's the time to change the setting, to lower the blades a bit, because this works to strengthen the root system of the plant.

Remember though that you simply wish to clip the grass really short, not to scalp it.

Doing this can help prevent a great deal of fungal attacks and related diseases.

One of the best fall lawn care tips is that if you keep the grass long it tends to become all mixed up with dead leaves and snow, and this forms ideal growing conditions for fungus – one of the more aggressive strains of these is the snow mold, a gray, pinkish growth that makes your lawn in springtime look as if it is covered with a layer of cotton candy.


Aeration is another of the crucially important in lawn care – this is something that should be done in the months of September or perhaps even in October – this loosens the soil, which naturally enough tends to become a bit compacted over time.

Aerating is simply a process of making holes in the soil so that air, and life giving nitrogen and indeed even fertilizer, can reach the roots.

If you need tips about machines that can do this – one machine pokes holes in the ground, but there is another that is more efficient, that actually extracts plugs of soil. The latter machine will create much larger holes that aerate the soil more efficiently.

On the other hand, if you really don't have the money to spare on such a machine, then one of the effective fall lawn care tips is to make do with using a pitchfork to poke holes in the ground – when you poke the holes, wiggle the pitchfork a bit and this will loosen the soil even further.

However, I would really recommend your buying a machine if you have any extent of lawn, because on a large lawn using a pitchfork in this way will really amount to back breaking labor.

Remember to do your aerating at least a week or two before you apply the last fertilizer of the season, and at least a month and a half before the first frosts of the year are predicted.


So when do you apply the last fertilizer of the year – well, obviously after aerating, of course – this will allow the fertilizer to sink down into the soil, where your grass can draw upon it all through the winter. I'd say that you should apply the fertilizer at least a month before the advent of winter's frosts.

Another tips is to also have applied a pesticide by this time, so as to avoid having pests feed on your grass all through the winter. Take these simple precautions and you can be assured that you will have a lovely, healthy lawn come springtime