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Electric Riding Lawn Mower Review

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Purchasing a new electric riding lawn mower need careful deliberations on which type needs to prefer.

Considering riding lawn mowers, there are two options that needed to choose, either an electric or gasoline type.

Although gasoline type is certainly the most popular type since most of it is dominating our homes today, but it may not be an excellent choice.

Electric mowers, on the other hand have just been evolved and new to the market but it offers protection to our environment.

Impact to our environment

Recent studies show that riding lawn mower of gasoline type causes harm to the environment as it emits gasses that will lead to air pollution. Much of the harmful gases emitted as the mower is running is equivalent to the quantity of gases of forty new automobiles expelled at the same time.

However then, electric lawn mowers are environment friendly that it discharges no harmful gases during their operation. Regarding noise pollution, electric types are less quiet compared to the gasoline type.

Because of its environment friendly attribute, more government agencies in environment are encouraging users to rather use electric riding lawn mower by taking the gasoline powered lawn mowers in exchange of a coupon trade that can be used to purchase a brand new electric riding lawn mower.

Maintenance and Costs to Operate

In the aspect of maintenance, gasoline lawn mowers need constant gasoline, tuning, oil and regular repairs. These sums up to an additional investment of money and time for the activities involved to maintain your lawn mower to be in good condition.

On the contrary, electric mower, essentially, just need electricity to run an operation. No need for a weekly purchase of gasoline and oil to your local station to keep your gasoline powered lawn mower in operation.

Durability and Physical Structure

On the area of durability and physical structure, gasoline lawn mowers are recommended. Most of them are made up of steel in body parts and frames. Steel is one of the strongest metals and it's difficult to bend or dent and it's durable for longer period of time.

It is almost indestructible but rust can be formed if they are not taken care of in a right manner. On the contrary, most of the parts of electric riding lawn mowers are made with lightweight plastic materials.

Since they are powered using an electric current, this type of mower is not capable of handling the weight of heavy body frame made of metals.

Though it's rust resistant, plastic is very ductile and is easier to crack or break. It cannot withstands flying debris like rocks and other hard objects.

Ease of Use

As for usability, basically, electric mowers need just only to plug it into the standard outlet, and then you can start mowing.

A gasoline lawn mower needs the gasoline added, oil checked, and sometimes the carburetor needs to be adjusted before it can be started.

Nevertheless, gasoline powered lawn mowers has no limitations in the area it can go. Lawn mowers powered by electric are limited by the length of its electrical cord, and in cases that it has rechargeable batteries; it is subjected to limit by the duration of its battery charge.