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Electric Lawn Mower Reviews


Unbiased Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

These days consumers are getting more and more conscious about the problem of environment, and manufacturers take this into account. 

If you wonder whether it is possible to get harmless equipment for your lawn and garden maintenance, the answer is yes.

In fact it is easier than you can possibly imagine – just go for the electric tools. Electric lawnmowers, for example, will make a nice alternative to the petrol ones.

Experts have proven that if you mow your lawn with a conventional petrol walk-behind mower for one hour, it will cause much worse air pollution than driving a car for many miles.

In case of an electrical lawn mower the only recourse you use is the energy, and it does not take that much to power this tool.

Some people have a mistaken opinion about these devices, underestimating their speed, power and quality of work.

But the simple fact is that electric lawn mowers are more than capable of ding the job in an efficient timely manner and providing excellent quality of mowing.

Electric lawn mowers and the size of your lawn

If your lawn is very big, perhaps this sort of mowers is not the best option for you, but if you have a standard lawn, an electric mower would make a very smart choice.

The size of your lawn matters simply because a corded electric mower will be limited by a cord: it is highly unlikely that you would find it comfortable to have an extra long cord while mowing.

As for the cordless mowers, they are restricted because of the capacity of their batteries.

These machines can normally run from half an hour till one hour on one charge.

Of course, you can always recharge the batteries in case you have a bigger garden or lawn, but in one go it would be impossible. And remember, the more batteries installed into your mower, the heavier the device is.

The advantages

There are lots of benefits an electric mower has to offer, and many customers have already had a chance to enjoy the advantages of using this sort of equipment.

One of the biggest advantages of electric lawn mowers is obvious: there is no need to buy neither petrol no oil in order to use and maintain your equipment.

You do not have to worry about making a mess while changing oil or siphoning petrol.

Moreover, you do not have to bother about air filters and spark plugs changes – choosing an electric lawn mower you simply spare yourself this trouble.

Generally speaking, you will not only simplify task, but will save your money in the long run: you do not have to continuously buy spark plugs, air filters, gasoline and oil.

There are also no expenses needed in order to clean the mess created by using, maintaining and repairing a petrol operating machine.

Another advantage is the fact that electric lawnmower work much quieter than lots of other types of these devices. Neither you nor your family and neighbors will have to suffer from that irritating, loud, monotonous sound of a mower we all get used to. Those dreadful decibels can really make a person deaf! Or at least to give a strong headache.

Electric lawnmowers are also extremely easy to use. If you are tired of pulling the start cord of your present lawn mower, failing over and over again to get it started, just think about the effortless operation of pressing the button of an electric mower. They are also equally easy to stop and restart, which is important for a smooth mowing.

These mowers are also lighter, which makes them more portable and convenient in use. You do not have to be extra strong just for mowing the lawn: even for the most delicate users it will be very convenient to utilize an electric lawn mower.

As it was already mentioned, there are two types of these mowers: corded and cordless ones (operating on batteries), and you can choose any type according to your taste and personal preferences.

Electric lawn mower are rather safe in use, but they are still instruments with fast moving blades. Avoid moving them backwards in order to prevent them from running over your feet.

Also, make sure the model you opt for has a removable start button: this way you can protect children from being injured.