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Earthbox Garden Kit

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Whether you have plenty of living space or not much space at all, you can still have a colorful or fruitful container garden with the EarthBox Garden Kit. These container gardens can be used to grow beautiful flowers to grace your dining room table or to add some beauty to your patio.

These kinds of gardens can also be used as a way to have fresh vegetables to add to your meals, as a way to produce herbs to flavor your foods – or to garnish a delectable dish. These kits make a great way to grow very tasty tomatoes, too – a container garden favorite.

There are many items you need for container gardening, but there’s no need to run all over town trying to get everything together. You can get the supplies you need for successful container gardening already put together in one handy kit with the EarthBox Garden Kit.

You’ll get the container box and fertilizer to help whatever you plant or transplant to grow. Since the fertilizer is already pre measured and pre contained in a strip, you’ll get just the right amount.

You’ll also get the dolomite or the mineral that you’ll need for whatever plant you put in your garden and you’ll also get the covers that you’ll need for the protection of the plants. By getting everything you need in one kit, that means you won’t have to spend hours out in the hot sun preparing the ground for the plants or seeds.

You won’t have to pull those pesky weeds that can pop up and be detrimental to your plant and you won’t have to figure out how much soil or mineral content you’ll need. All of that is already figured out for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the convenience of the kit.

The container box has wheels on it, so it’s really handy to move around without being tough on your back muscles. You can move it from sun to shade and back again or from indoors to outside whenever you’d like.

Because this kit includes the kind of container with a water reservoir, you won’t run the risk of giving your plants too much or too little water like you would if you were using the direct method of watering. The EarthBox Garden Kit also comes with instructions – it’s so simple to use that even beginners will love it and be able to grow a successful garden!

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