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Dixon Lawn Mowers Reviews


Dixon is a very popular name in the lawn mower space for the last three and half decades.

They started off with the unique Dixon zero turn lawn mowers in 1974 and since then have been delivering some of the best and feature rich mowers for professional as well as domestic usage.

During all this time, Dixon has been listening to its customers and observing market trends, forecasting possible innovative features that can help make mowing a pleasurable pastime rather than a grueling job.

The Dixon lawn mowers come under five series of brand names.

Each of them has specific designs catering to specific lawn sizes and usage. Given below are short descriptions on the some.

Grizzly SE Series

The Grizzly SE Series of mowers is the best blend of toughness and performance.

It comes in two common models – Grizzly 60 SE and Grizzly 72 SE. Both the models are powered by Kawasaki engines and have 60” and 72” cutting decks respectively.

The cutting deck is made of 7-gauge fabricated steel that gives a great balance between sturdiness and top class performance. With one of the best steel blades in the business, this is truly a great unit for commercial mowing needs.

With hydraulic system matching the best in the industry, Grizzly SE mowers can attain great speeds. With superior cutting system and faster ground speeds, you are looking at a valuable mowing machine that can truly reduce hours to minutes.

Kodiak SE Series

These mowers are targeted for smaller lawns and areas as compared to Grizzly mowers. There are 2 models under this category: Kodiak SE 52 and Kodiak SE 61. SE 52 comes with Briggs and Stratton’s Vanguard V-Twin motor of 23 HP.

It has a 52” cutting deck fabricated with tough steel. The SE 61 is a bigger version of the same model. It comes with Kohler Command Pro V Twin engine and 25 HP. Both units can attain grounds speeds of up to 8 mph and come with electric clutch, anti scalp wheels, and support cutting heights of 1.5 to 5 inches.

RAM Ultra Series

If you are a large estate owner, then the RAM Ultra 61 is probably one of the mowers you must consider seriously. It has everything to make mowing your estates a breeze.

Huge tires and premium seating make the mower very comfortable to ride and mow. The blade spindles are heavy duty and the cutting deck is made of tough welded steel.

It comes with 25 HP Kohler Courage V-Twin engine and 61” cutting deck. It can handle cutting heights from 1.5” to 4.5”. The seat is made of nylon with high back height. It is the perfect combination of tough cutting and comfortable operations.

RAM Series

RAM is the residential series of mowers from Dixon. It comes with the same comfort like all the larger Dixon mowers, but is designed to meet domestic needs.

There are two popular models under this brand: RAM 48 ZT and RAM 52 ZT. The 48 ZT comes with a 48” cutting deck and 26 HP Briggs and Stratton Professional Series V-Twin engine. The deck is made from fabricated steel.

The 52 ZT comes with Kohler Courage V-Twin 24 HP engine and 52” fabricated steel cutting deck. With ground speeds of 6.5 mph, these units can cover 2.5 to 2.7 acres per hour.

SpeedZTR Series

If you are looking for some really good riding mowers that are neither too big nor too expensive, then SpeedZTR are the best models available.

These models come with trademark Dixon zero turn technology and are agile enough to mow under short trees and shrubs. These models all house Briggs and Stratton engines.

They come with powers ranging from 16.5 HP to 22 HP. They allow cutting heights between 1.5” to 4”. With cutting decks ranging from 30” to 54” and ground speeds of 6.5 mph, these can cover 1.6 acres per hour to 2.8 acres per hour.

These are the full range of Dixon zero turn lawn mowers. They are very sturdy and durable. It is not surprising to find many people still trading older Dixon lawn mowers with the same confidence in its technology and quality. Dixon is truly a great unit to own for years with .