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Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers


Cub Cadet is a name that many associate with real innovation and industry pioneers. They were the first to release the zero turn mowers, a concept that was impossible to imagine at the time and something that is common today.

Why Cub Cadet?

There many reasons why you should look at Cub cadet lawn mowers for best results:


Cub Cadet comes with nearly five decades of experience in delivering top quality products and all this experience reflects in its products even today. So you are assured of great equipment for the money you invest.

High Performance

This has been the top priority for Cub Cadet Products over the years. They always use the best material and use the most advanced engineering process to deliver these great products.


You can always be assured of the best in class performance and innovation from Cub Cadet products. Being pioneers in many aspects of outdoor equipment over the years, Cub Cadet products offer you the best in the industry today.

Cub Cadet manufactures products for a wide range of use from residential equipment to professional equipment.

It is not uncommon to find old cub cadet lawn mowers delivering same quality and service even today, as they did when they were brand new.

Riders from Cub Cadet are truly special equipments with excellent performance backed by powerful engines. Under this category there are two main brands: Enforcer cub cadet lawn mowers and cub cadet Tank lawn mowers.

Z-Force Pro:

This is the top model under the Enforcer series of riders from Cub Cadet. It comes with a 22HP Kohler engine and choice of 48” and 54”steel cutting decks.

It can reach speeds of up to 8 mph and 3.5mph in the reverse direction. This is just great as compared to any similar commercial mower.

The unit speed is well complemented by triple blade mechanism for cutting the grass quickly and efficiently and the mower rides fast over the lawn. With dual fuel tanks of 5 gallons each, you can run the mower long and mow larger areas more effectively.

The lap bars make mower handling simple and comfortable. Features like floating deck and foot pedal height adjuster make the mowing operation very simple and with terrific final results.

Cub Cadet Tank Lawn Mowers

This is one of the more popular products from Cub Cadet and comes with zero turn mowing system.

This is also a bar controlled rider mower with two variations. The 23 HP Kohler engine powered, 48” deck TANK 48 and the 25HP Kohler engine powered, 60” cutting deck TANK 60 models are both very versatile and popular.

Attaining speeds of nearly 12 mph, these units can mow 6.5 acres of land in about an hour - The perfect mower for large areas. With technologies like SmartJet, cleaning the cutting deck and keeping the clippings from clogging the deck now become very simple.

Tank M Series

This is a modified version of the basic Tank mowers from Cub cadet than became so popular. It comes with Command cut system delivering the best cut always.

With ground speeds of 10 mph, this unit can handle nearly 6 acres of land in an hour. Even this comes with SmartJet, suspension seats, bar controlled operations.

There are 4 basic models in this series.

  • M48 KW is a 48” cutting deck model powered by 23HP Kawasaki engine
  • M54KH is a 54” cutting deck model powered by 27HP Kohler Command engine.
  • M60KW is a 31HP Kawasaki powered mower with 60” cutting deck
  • M72 is like the ultimate professional mower with 72” cutting deck and 37 HP Kawasaki twin engine.

Truly, the TANK M series would leave the clients speechless with performance and power.

Tank S series

This is a tractor with excellent stability. It comes with Synchro-Steer technology that provides 4 wheel steering ability. This gives the tractor great stability even while mowing slopes. It can mow 7.5 acres of land within an hour.

This is another great product from Cub Cadet. It comes with gas, diesel and propane powered engine options giving you a range of fuels to suit your needs.

With foot pedals to drive the unit forward or backward and hydraulic power steering, you have a great unit for professional mowing needs.