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Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair

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If you make sure to take good care of your Craftsman lawn mower, you can count on many years of reliable service.

It's really a nice experience to maintain your lawn with the help of this well designed and easy to use machine. However, life is unpredictable and sometimes things go wrong. In such cases it is very helpful to know how to repair your Craftsman riding lawn mower in order to reduce the downtime. Always great to be able to fix a problem as soon as possible and come back to beautifying your lawn.

Craftsman riding lawn mower will not start no click sound

If your lawn mower does not start, the first thing you should do is to whether there is enough fuel in the gas tank. In case there is some gas, make sure the quantity is large enough for the mower to start. Sometimes the condition of the gas matters as well. Even if the tank is full, but the machine still gives troubles starting, perhaps the reason is in stale gas. That is why it is advisable to keep some quantity separately.

Also, the Craftsman lam mower will not perform with a dirty filter. Unscrew its cover and check its condition. In case the filter is clogged, blocked or dirty, it has to be replaced. You can easily do it without any additional help.

Other important factor to consider is the spark plug of your Craftsman lawn mower. Remove the plug wire, unscrew the spark plug and check its condition. This part needs replacement as well in case it's dirty or fouled, so it would be a good solution to keep one or two extra spark plugs just in case you need them.

Also you should check the mower blade arbor. If it has some clogs, the mower is in danger of turning over. You can use your screwdriver in order to remove the clogs. If it appears to be impossible or takes too much effort, remove the arbor with a wrench for easier cleaning.

The blades should be examined as well. Usually the blades are bent, but if you find this bend strange or unnatural, it is better to replace the blade. Also, if its big chunk is broken, the mower will not work.

How to remove lawn mower blades from a craftsman riding mower? 
To replace the blade, you should unscrew the middle arbor with a 3/8 inch wrench, slide it off the pole and put a new one instead. Use the wrench to fix the arbor.

The condition of the wheels matters as well. If they are cracked or bent, you Craftsman lawn mower will not work properly. In case you suspect that something go wrong with the wheels, tighten the bolt. If the problem does not seem to be solved, it is better to replace the wheel. It is elementary: just use the wrench to remove the bolt, remove the old wheel and put a new one on its place. Tighten the bolt and enjoyed the renewed mower of yours.

There is nothing difficult in fixing some minor problems – sometimes it is even easier then you can possibly imagine.