Craftsman Lawn Mowers Manual

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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This article will tell you all the reasons you should have a Craftsman Lawn Mower Manual and give you an idea of the types of information to be found in the owner’s manual. We will also tell you where you can get a pdf of many of craftsman mowers.

First we will go over the different sections of the Craftsman’s owners manual.

One of the first things you will see when you open the manual is the California proposition 65 warning along side the normal warning that the exhaust could cause disease. This is repeated in several different languages.

Next comes the “Table of Contents” the booklet is only 35-40 pages long. On this same page you will also find the warranty information.

The warranty is described in detail for the lawn mower, for instance the Zero Turn Riding Mower, 26HP B&S; Engine / Side Discharge / 52-inch Wide, Model 127.2887 also has warranty information for the battery.

It tells you in detail what is or is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties on Craftsman lawn mowers are only good as long as the item states within the United States.


This section covers operator preparation and training. It informs owners of the machine that even if an operator doesn’t speak English it is their responsibility to inform them of the contents inside the manual. They are required to maek sure that everyone that will be operating the mower is aware of all the safety precautions and is familiar with the machine as well as the safety signs posted on the machine. The owners manual clearly places responsibility for the operators on the owner of the machine.


The next section shows the various labels and gives a written explanation of their meanings.


There are photographs and diagrams of the control panels and the language is simple and detailed so that it is easy to understand. It shows how to do everything from starting to how to throttle. It is an attempt to further familiarize the owner and operators with the machine each area is pointed out direction to where they are located and how to properly use them.

Pre-Operation Check List

This is one of the most important parts of the manual. Never should any vehicle or machine be operated without going over it to make sure it is fully operational. It is each operators duty to follow this check list.


This section gives practical information on how to operate the machine. It goes into detail about fueling. It should tell you what fuels to use so that the warranty is not rendered ineffective. It shows you step by step how to start the engine, how the operator should either ride or walk behind the lawn mower and how to stop the machine and turn it off.

Maintenance Chart

The maintenance chart shows you what parts needs regular maintenance. It should cover cleaning for all moving parts and even for none moving parts. The chart shows you when the cleaning or changing of these parts should take place. By following this chart you and keeping a record of the maintenance with dates and times you keep your warranty from becoming ineffectual.

Maintenance Record

This is where you have the maintenance department record each visit.


This sections shows you how to perform maintenance tasks. It gives you step by step instruction along with pictures and diagrams so there is no mistake about which part they are referring.


This section will walk you through all of the steps to make adjustments needed to blade or belts. You can also learn how to adjust the blade for height of cut as well as how to put on any attachments

Belt Replacement

This section shows the proper way to change the belts and which parts to buy

Service Information

this section should have numbers for Sears’s service centers through out the USA.


The manual is the one item that can help you to maintain your lawn mower properly and to operate it safely.

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