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Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews


Cordless lawn mower is also known as cordless rechargeable lawn mower, and it has similar performance to a corded electric machine, but of course there is also several differences.

All electric lawn mowers can be described as environmentally friendly, as they do not pollute the air unlike petrol mowers.

Energy is the only resource they use, and it does not take that much to recharge a mower.

They are usually quiet at work, and it does not take any effort to start the, stop and start again if needed. Electric mowers are also easy to store and maintain.

Main features

Cordless electric lawn mowers were designed to cut the grass on smaller areas, approximately a quarter acre.

It goes without saying that capacity of the batteries are limited. On one charge they are capable of running for about half an hour to one hour. Of course, you can always recharge the batteries in order to mow a larger garden or lawn, but it will take time.

If you chose to use more batteries, keep in mind that it will add an extra weight to your mowing device.

Usually a cordless electric lawn mower produces eighteen or nineteen inch cutting decks. If you have overgrown grass or a lot of weeds in your garden, just slow down and mow everything carefully – the result will be perfect.

One of the biggest advantages of using a cordless lawnmower is the fact that you will not have to deal with smelly petrol and messy oil. Also, there is no need to bother about things like spark plugs and air filters.

The most convenient it would be to use the batteries which can be easily swapped by the user. It will make it possible to replace faulty batteries without any problems.

If you want to mow a bigger area without any delays, it is a nice solution to keep at least two batteries charged in advance. A nice option to be able to charge batteries separately from the lawn mower: in this case you can keep the machine in a shed and to charge the batteries inside the house.

It is highly recommended to avoid the models of cordless mower which do not have an option of replacing the batteries at least in a service center. You would have to throw such mower away in case the batteries get spoiled.

Some additional features might come in handy, here are some of them:

  • Trimmer attachment
  • Indicator of battery charge
  • Adjustable size of a handle: it might be useful when your family members have different height
  • Edger attachment.

And of one of the main attraction of the cordless electric mowers is their price: they are generally cheaper than petrol operated ones. It won't be expensive to maintain it as well: the cost of electric power to recharge the batteries is much less in comparison with the cost of petrol, oil, spark plugs and air filters.

Some Popular Brands

Cordless lawn mowers have their own advantages and give a wonderful mowing experience to a lot of gardeners and homeowners throughout the world. Among the most popular brands there is:

Worx models, for example, have a high powered twenty four volt battery which allows to mow around 17000 square feet on one go.

Toro models are famous for their light weight design, compact size and excellent mulching performance. Black & Decker cordless mower will provide both convenience and power, ensuring a great result.

Most companies offer at least one year warranty period – do not forget this important aspect when purchasing a cordless lawn mower.