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Consumer Report On Lawn Mowers


Recently, Consumer reports released a report on the best lawn mowers in various categories.

The report looks at six categories of mowers and grades them on several points in terms of features, efficiency, usability and user friendliness.

Best Cordless Electric Mower

The Toro e-Cycler 20360 was voted as the best mower in this category. This is a cordless mower with a decent 20” cutting deck. It comes with a 36 volt battery and an adjustable cutting height of 4 inches. This allows for a decent sized grass with neat trimming. This unit also comes with a mulching function and being electric it can be started easily.

The issue with the mower though is its weight, it is heavy for a cordless mower. Besides, the height adjustment mechanism can take some time to adjust to. While mulching is great, bagging has some problems. Overall, however, it is one of the better mowers.

Best self-propelled gas lawn mower

HRX217K2HXA wins the race in this regard. This mower is quite efficient and very durable so it can withstand the abuse from mowing. The unit is CARB-certified for low emissions. Besides being green, it is also user friendly with variable cruise control features, cutting height adjustments and mulching and bagging options. The blade brake stop mechanism ensures that your blades stop rotating while the engine is still running – a big relief for mower owners who have had to start mowers at every short halt.

The drawback though is the handle; many users have found this to be a problem. Besides, the self-propelled speeds are considered too slow by some users. Oil changing requires you to tilt the mower as there is no drain outlet.

Budget self-propelled lawn mower

Toro Recycler 20332 has been voted as the best in this category. The personal pace drive lets you move the mower at a pace you are comfortable with. The maximum speed of the mower is quite impressive and lets you mow lawns faster. It is easy to switch from discharge, to bagging to mulching.

On the flip side, some users have found the mulching to be efficient – though some users are happy with the performance. This unit does not have a blade brake, so even if you stop momentarily to empty the bag, you will have to restart the mower. The unit can be a bit short for tall users despite the height adjustments.

Gas push mower

Lawn Boy 10645 is a winner in this category. This CARB-certified green mower comes with great side discharge feature. It also has a chute to have the discharge directed in a direction you want. The mulching feature of the mower is also great.

Among the disadvantage, the steel desk is prone to rusting. Besides, the bagging feature on this mower is not that impressive. Lastly, the height adjustment can be a bit tough to comprehend and get used to.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower

In this category, the honours are taken by Black & Decker MM875. The unit comes with excellent side discharge, bagging and mulching features. The unit has a polymer deck with life time warranty, so it will remain like new for a long time and not get damaged too. It is quite efficient in function as well as storage; the foldable handle means that the unit can be stacked and stored easily.

The cord like most other corded mowers limits the range of the mower. All the controls are on the right side alone, so some people may find that a bit inconvenient. Despite the life time warranty, some users have found durability issues with this mower. Lastly, the design allows debris to get to the motor, so you need some additional maintenance to keep this unit running.

Best manual Reel Mower

Fiskars Momentum 317736 is the top model in this category. The unit comes with Fiskars popular blades with remain sharp for a long time and deliver great results. The unit can be moved with a lot more ease than some other reel mowers. Besides it throws the clipping in the front so it is easier to walk behind it.

Despite all these advantages, it is a bit heavy for reel mower. With a narrower width, you get less lawn cut with every ride so it is best suited for just small and flat lawns. The cost of the mower is also on the higher side.


The consumer report on lawn mowers is a great way for you to buy your next mower. Though you may not pick their best bet, you can still gain goo insights into picking good mowers.