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Commercial Lawn Mowers Reviews


Commercial Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

If you're looking for a commercial mowers, there is really a vast range available, but of course you should balance all the assets of each, and choose the mower that will work best for YOUR needs, both material and financial.

Lawn care business opportunity is constantly facing an increasing traffic. It is a great business deal as it offers extensive opportunities with a promising career.

All this can be enjoyed only if you make a smart investment and do not cut down on the quality of your business with the usage of residential/small mowers.

One needs to invest in the commercial mowers if he desires to offer a qualitative service to his clients.

Moreover, commercial mowers will run for years to come with less maintenance cost in terms of engine trouble. Before commissioning of this business, you need to learn how to buy a commercial lawn mower and the basic know about.

Buying Guide

If you're doing a lawn care business, it is advice to buy a commercial mower than using the one in your garage. With proper maintain, commercial lawn mower can mow the lawn for many years with a low cost maintenance.

But beware if you're buying from local discount store, your commercial mower may end up only last for one season. That's why it is important to keep your own lawn mower as a back up.

What you should consider:

To help you make the best buy of commercial mowers, find the information below

  • Pricing between $1,000 - $2,600
  • Width about 21 inches - 60 inches
  • Company which produce commercial lawn mower are: John Deere, Scag, Husqvarna, and Exmark
  • Any commercial mower comes with a warranty period of as short as 90 days because of the rough handling. A customer friendly policy has been designed with extra hundred dollars to enable the use of a comparable loaner while your machine is in the shop. This policy is offered by the lawn equipment dealers with zero-downtime coverage at an extra cost per year. This is also a smart deal for all those cautious entrepreneurs.
  • After considering all the aspects of a business opportunity with a commercial land mower, you should also be aware of how much land you mow. This will help you give an estimate budget to your client. On an average, a measuring wheel runs about $30.
  • If you want to offer snow removal as part of your service, then you need to get snow blade on your lawn mower. Price are vary depends on weight and size. But for your comparison a 16 inch riding lawn mower snow blade like craftsman is about $300 new
  • Due to many customer looking for earth friendly business, Push lawn mower are back in and solar mower are growing in popularity because of green ideas


To make your mower last over years, you have to clean the deck frequently during the mowing season. Cleaning also can prevent your mower from being rust and powdery mildew, two most common diseases of lawn mower