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Buy Lawn Mower


What features do you need to look for in lawn mower. When it comes to lawn mowers, everyone has their own preferences. Whilst some people prefer the durability and familiar weight and working of a traditional steel mower, others look for alloy mowers especially if they live in coastal areas or in wet areas as this type are less likely to rust.

So coming to the question of how to buy a lawn mower?

Here are some aspects of the lawn mower that you must consider while making the decision to buy lawn mower.

Lawn landscape:

The main factor that you need to bear in mind to buy lawn mower is the various growing stages of your particular grass.

For example, if you have a flat lawn then a lightweight hover mower is the best option whereas if the lawn is wet and lush during the autumn and spring months then you may encounter problems.

If you know that your lawn grown quickly after it rains or you know that you are not one to cut your grass regularly like clockwork, then it is best to look for a high-performance mower which has adjustable blade heights so that you can adapt it accordingly. Try to get a mower which uses an adjustable height lever mechanism and not a dial as the lever allows you to lower or raise the blades easily to levels which have been preset.

If you have a larger garden surface area to maintain, your best option is a self-propelled mower which could potentially reduce your mowing time by half. Furthermore, although ride-on mowers may sound like a very expensive option, it may be worth having a look at prices as you may be pleasantly surprised.

Some people have a lawn that is generally flat with very few obstructions. For such lawns, a mower with a larger cutting deck size is a great choice. It will help you complete the mowing very quickly.

It is typical though for people to have trees, shrubs and other obstructions around the lawn. In such cases, a larger cutting deck can be a problem when it comes to maneuvering. So a narrower mower is a much better option.

Those with sloping lawns prefer lightweight plastic bodied mowers as they are easier to control as do the people with numerous separate grassy areas as they are the easiest to move around.

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Cutting deck Height:

Regardless of whether you use a reel mower or a powered mower, the cutting deck heights is very important for the longevity of the grass.

In hot and dry places, you are better off keeping the height of the grass clippings around 3 to 4 inches. Some of the reel mowers do not support heights more than two inches. This could leave very little grass to trap the moisture which would damage the lawn.


Typically, the basic maintenance of the mowers can be done at home by reading the owner’s manual.

The real problem comes when something major breaks down. You must read and understand the warranty offered by the retailer and the manufacturer well before making the purchase.

If you are purchasing a gas powered mower online, the manufacturer may not provide support once you fill in gas into the mower. With electric mowers you do get post sales support but having to ship it to a distant location can be quite expensive. Getting a local service is always better.

Handle Adjustments:

Some mowers come with fixed handles while others come with adjustable ones. While the fixed ones are built to standards, many people do find them too long or too short. Having the option of adjusting the handle length and height is invaluable, especially if you need to mow a relatively large lawn.

Electric Start Mowers:

The traditional mowers had a cord start, which was quite strenuous and required quite a lot of effort. The modern rope start mowers are better designed and start in a single pull, but they can still be tough to handle. If you can get an electric start mower, life can be quite easy for you. Push a button or use an ignition key to start the mowers in easy steps.

Blade Brake Override:

The US federal law requires that as soon as the handle of the mower is released the blades must stop rotating. The simple mower designs just stop the engine completely as soon as you release the handle. While this is good from the legal perspective, it can be quite a pain for the operator.

Even if you release the handle to empty the collection bag or remove some toy from in front of the mower, the engine stops and you need to start it again. The mowers with blade brake override feature are great because they keep the engine running, but dislodge the blades so stop them from rotating.

Bagging Styles:

Two of the most common bagging designs with mowers are rear bagging mowers and side bagging mowers. If you do not empty the mower bags regularly, it could become difficult to handle a side bagging mower once it get full. With the mower tilting on one side you cannot get a smooth cut, so a rear bagging mower is preferable and easier to handle.

Disposing the clipping:

If you dislike emptying the catcher, then you should consider a mulcher lawnmower which is great for keeping your lawn green and lush as the nutrients are put back. However, although this type means that you do not have to worry about disposing of the clippings, they are not ideal for those who want their grass cut short because in order to avoid a pile of mulched grass on the lawn, at least one third of the grass standing needs to be left. You can get mulcher-catcher mowers though if you wish to have some flexibility of whether to mulch or not.


Lastly, you must know that typically all the popular engine brands like Honda, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton are great for mowing, so you need not use that as a variable in your decision unless you personally favor a brand. You may also want to look at the environmental aspects and pick a greener mower that make less noise.

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For a beginner, here are some tips you might consider:

If you want to buy lawn mower for basic job, nothing fancy and has some small yard, then I'd recommend Black and Decker Lawn Mower, They have a basic model that do a very adequate job and cheap price. You can find it around $189 at amazon.com

But If you want buy lawn mower for under $100, which I believe very hard to find for new one unless you're ready for used lawn mower, then I'd recommend another option, that is buy recondition lawn mower. Amazon.com has one sell it for $99, which I believe pretty good and like brand new.

Before you buy lawn mower;

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