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Brill Lawn Mowers Reviews

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The first hand mower was designed in 1874 and since them Brill has just gone on to add high performance and top quality mowers to its list of products on offer.

Today the slew of lawn mowing solutions that Brill offers clearly shows the decades of expertise that this industry leader has develop.

Basically you can choose from three categories of lawn mowers: Electric, Petrol and battery powered mowers.

Each category has ample models to suit your needs – you would be hard pressed not to find what you are looking for with a Brill lawn mowers.

Electric mowers

There are many models of Brill electric lawn mowers.

You have models with cutting deck size ranging from 33 cms to 41 cms.

Typically these mowers run on 230 V and engines come with power from the lows of 1000W to as high as 1600W.

The single component blade ensures simple assembly and good performance. Depending on the size of the cutting deck you get variable size of the collecting bags too.

The robust PP plastic exterior means that you have a great looking mower with durable cover; it is ease to clean too.

The DuoAir technology ensures that the grass is cut properly and at the same time the clippings are sucked out of the lawn leaving a nice a clean lawn.

The mowers can be stowed in upright position which means they occupy less space and can be cleaned with ease too.

Petrol mowers

These are gas powered mowers designed for larger lawns. Compared to the electric mowers these have a lot more power and capacity.

The cutting deck sizes vary from 42 cms to 52 cms. You get three options of exteriors: the Evolution has ABS plastic housing; the Brillencio comes with magnesium housing while the powerful steeline series have steel sheet housing.

These bigger mowers are designed to deliver performance along with ease of operation.

The integrated spring solution means that you can easily adjust the clipping height.

Besides, the mowers come with detachable grass box which can be cleaned separately without having to struggle with the larger mower.

The grass box also comes with a level indicator to show the grass accumulated in the box.

Battery Powered Mowers

Despite all the benefits of electric mowers the corded moving solutions are not always welcome by everyone.

This is where Brill has introduced the battery powered lawn mowers.

The Li-Ion batteries are ideal for lawn mowing applications with low idle discharge and highly efficient DC motor action.

Besides, being battery powered, you can recharge them any time you want.

You also have LED indications for the battery power, so you know how long you can go without having to break for charging.

There are two models currently available in this category: RazorCut LION 38 and evolution LION 36 mowers.

Both models are designed to cover as much as 400 sq m. of lawn area with ease.

Depending on the kind of garden you have and your lawn mower preferences, you are bound to find a perfect match with Brill lawn mowers for sure.