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Briggs And Stratton Lawn Mowers


Briggs and Stratton is a very popular name in the lawn mower market. Though they do not make any mowers themselves, many of the top brands use their engines and motors to deliver the bests performance.

When it comes to Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers, the best place to study and understand them would be the corresponding owner’s manuals, but there are some standard maintenance tips that you can follow for all the motors from this brand.

Push Lawn Mower

There are different engines for the push behind mower and the riding mowers, so you need to look for the right engines and instruction sets for the right maintenance.

If you are buying a push mower, the engine is very important. Since push mowers involve a lot of physical work, a durable and powerful engine that starts instantaneously is very important.

For the push mowers, choose the Briggs and Stratton engine with ReadyStart system. This is an innovative solution from this engine maker that starts your mower every time with the first pull of the cord. The best part is that you do not have to bother with priming and all the hard work.


Once you choose your Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers, you need to look to how to take care of the engine and hence the mower.

The engine tuning is important maintenance exercise that you need to carry out. The first thing to clean regularly is the air filter in the engine. Typically, the engine has a foam or paper filter or a combination of both, note the one that your engine uses and replace it accordingly.

For best performance, you must also change the oil regularly. A typical schedule would be once every 25 hours of operation in a single season.

You must always clean the mower and replace the oil every season.

The other vital component is the spark plug. If your spark plug is faulty, your engine will stall regularly and will not start properly.

All Briggs and Stratton mowers come with platinum spark plugs that are pre-gapped. So you do not have to do anything but replace the old plug with the new one.

Common Problems

A common problem that many people with mower have is stagnant fuel in the tank for a long time. Even within the same season, if you leave the fuel in the mower for a month or so, you run into problems with starting and operating the mower. For this you have Briggs and Stratton fuel stabilizer. Just add this to your fuel once you are done mowing for a long time, you do not have to bother with unresponsive mower again.

Riding Lawn Mowers

The tuning for the Briggs and Stratton riding lawn mowers are not different, but the engines and the procedure to do the maintenance would be different depending on the design of the engine. You must refer to the owner’s manual and the engine handbook for the right place to locate the various parts and remove and replace them.

To sum up

As you can see, there are some specific requirements for the maintenance of Briggs and Stratton engines.

While every engine requires similar maintenance, how that exercise is performed is determined by the brand.

There are many mower brands that make use Briggs & Stratton engines. Typically these brands would also have engines from some other brands too.

So when it comes to engine maintenance, do not stick to standard maintenance drill based on the mower brand, always look at the engine brand and carry the appropriate maintenance, accordingly.

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