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Bolens Lawn Mowers Reviews


Bolens lawn mowers are sturdy, durable and highly efficient in their work. 

The Bolens Lawn mowers cater to all kinds of lawn needs for all customers. They have the walk behind mowers for small lawn domestic users and the lawn tractors for the large areas like golf courses.

Bolens Push Mowers

Among the walk behind mowers, the Bolens brand has many push mowers as well as some very good Bolens self propelled lawn mowers.

Among the push powers, the models typically have a 21” or 22” mowers giving a very good cutting area for the intended lawn sizes. The deck size is not too big to make the mower exercise very strenuous, and at the same time it is wide enough to let you complete the work pretty fast.

The Bolens push mowers are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines – which are some of the most popular and powerful lawn mower engines in the market.

They also have a very good first start rate. So you will not be struggling with the mower starting like the olden days. That is one less reason not to mow your lawn

These push mowers come with different options. The discharge option throws all the cut grass to the side leaving the cut trails clear of any grass clippings.

The bagging option allows you to bag the cut grass saving you the time to collect the grass cuttings later. The bags are relatively large for longer mowing operations. They can be easily removed, cleaned and refitted. The bags are made of durable material so you can reuse them multiple times. The third option is the mulch, in this option the grass is cut short and can be mulched.

Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

These lawn mowers from Bolens are not available in all geographies and so depending on where you are, you may not may not be able to purchase one for your lawn mowing needs.

One of the popular models in this category is the V469Q. It comes with 160cc Honda powered engine. With certified low noise, low emission and low oil and gas mixing features, this is one of the leading and latest engines in the Lawn mowing market. Given the stress on these features, this could soon become a norm, but you can own it before that itself.

The 21” deck makes it perfect for mowing domestic lawns. The unit comes with front wheel drive making it easy to maneuver in the lawn terrain.

Besides, the self propelled operation means that you do not have to put in a lot of effort to move the unit around. All you need to do is squeeze the handle with different pressures to adjust the mower pace to match what you are comfortable with.

Like other walk behind mowers, this unit has three options for the cut grass. You could discharge it from the side, or bag it or mulch it. For mulching there are specialized blade that deliver great mulching results.

The 8” sturdy wheels with ball bearings are very durable and can handle different terrains. With individual wheel height adjusting ability, you can modify your cut heights at various places in the lawn more easily.

More about the brand

However, Bolens brand is not an independent company anymore. So the next question is who now owns Bolens lawn mowers. The answer is the MTD group.

The MTD group in fact now owns man such brands, some developed by themselves and others bought out like the Bolens. It is a very big group with multiple brands of top grade outside equipment solutions. No wonder Bolens continues to prosper under the new management too.

In all Bolens lawn mowers are great products. Though this article focused on the domestic solutions, they also make some of the best lawn tractors for commercial mowing requirements too. A very good brand with great products for everyone.