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Black And Decker MM875 Review

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Want to mow a lawn beyond 100 feet and tired of using too many extension boxes just because your lawn mower does not support your huge yard?

We have made your search simpler with this new lawn mower by the Black and Decker. Although, Black and Decker group is known for its hassle free and easy to use lawn mowers, the latest one MM875 has a lot of beefing gone into designing of the product. It addresses every single concern while lawn mowing to make mowing an unforgettable experience.

What do you look for in your lawn mower?

  • A non-messy, less noisy and no fumes mower – Electric mower
  • Want a helper to collect all the clippings – a rear bag
  • Nil or less vibrations to make mowing comfortable – Grip pads
  • Versatile mowing mechanism – Built-in adjustable features
  • Reduced maintenance cost – a 12amp electric motor
  • Pain with battery removal/replacement – an electric cord

I have listed down all what I think a perfect land mower should posses. Let’s see if Black and Decker MM875 can do all these things for you.

Black and Decker MM875 – Features:

You can mulch as long as you enjoy with the presence of 19-inch corded electric motor which is as powerful as 12 amp. This means you enjoy the liberty of mowing with rain. The motor is powerful enough to cut even harsh wet grass or grass like “tall fescue” or mulch as deep and clean as you desire.

As this is electric run, you will no longer have to struggle through refilling, gas fumes, or even the dirty carbon prints too. The maintenance cost automatically gets reduced and the company also offers a two years warranty period for such a reliable and durable product. Black and Decker understand their duty towards the environment and designs keeping in mind all the respective concerns including hearing protection.

If you mow in your unique style then this versatile mower comes with a special cushioned grip to give you an added advantage of control over the machine. This grip reduces vibrations and fatigue.

Built-in adjustable features like the adjustable deck height helps you mow according to your lawn needs. The height can be adjusted between 1 ¼ and 3 ½ inches, where all the four wheels can be raised in a press of a button to suit your mowing style.

While mowing, don’t worry about the tidiness of the place as this bag collects all what you clip and can be detached for easy dumping.

The precision with which this mower works will take you for a surprise. It will give you a consistent mulching every time you mow and is perfect for a small to medium sized lawn with a 100-foot radius. When not in use, the handle can be folded for compact storage.

Points to remember while mowing:

  • Although electric mower keeps away the concerns of the battery and gas fumes, you should be sure of the cord movement as there are chances you get trapped with a lot of turns.
  • Always give a slight shake to the bag to avoid accumulation of the clips.