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Black And Decker Electric Lawn Mower

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Benefits out waving its price, lengthy cords being replaced with cordless, one touch adjustment out smarting manual adjustments, all these features and many more to gain comes in CM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn mower.

Get started with this extra ordinary lawn mower which ensures a very well maintained garden of any size at regular intervals.

I know what must be haunting your mind; a thought that every lawn mower promises the stated above and how is this Black beauty exceptional.

This extravagance black beauty promises to keep your garden carefully tended with its noiseless and hassle free operations.

Product Designing:

The world is moving towards eco-friendly product and to have an eco-friendly land mower at your door step is a blessing as you will no more have to see your garden in shade card colors. All you get to see is GREEN, GREEN and more of GREEN. An insight to this eco-friendly product is stated below

  • Portable, removable and rechargeable 36V battery
  • Cuts up to 1350 square metres in one time battery
  • One-touch height adjustment of 4 wheels
  • Deck size – 19 inch
  • Warranty period – 2 years
  • Ultra efficient motor
  • Instant start technology with the help of a key and a quick pull of handle


The technology based Black & Decker lawn mower has established itself as a most reliable, trusted, durable and valuable brand. It offers the following benefits to one those who plan to own this mower.

  • Zero emission power unlike other gas mowers
  • Convenience in charging batteries due to removable property
  • A rear-bag collects all the clippings and mulching
  • It’s foldable designing enables easy storage and less space occupancy
  • Quick start with a key
  • Silent rhythm to feel
  • The extra-ordinary blade enables better cuts and longer runtimes
  • Easy height adjustment
  • No assembling required


Where it is the battery playing a role, then the concerns associated with them are natural. A few customers have felt that the battery given has a shorter life. Nonetheless, I would suggest that it is no harm in buying an additional battery as it never goes unused. You should be happy to get such a deal for the price of this mower.

Performance Rating:

The optional mulch insert offers a good quality grass cut even on the thickest ones. This feature makes it a qualitative lawn mower winning everybody’s heart.


After placing an order for this land mower don’t forget to check out the following things while receiving your order.

  • The CM1936 lawn mower
  • A removable 36V battery
  • A 36V charger
  • Rear-bag
  • Mulching plug
  • Safety key
  • User manual

Final words:

It is very important to enjoy your work and if you own a lawn mower of CM 1936 then enjoying work comes complimentary along with your buy.

You will get the liberty to enjoy your favorite book with a cup of sun above you, where you would just love relaxing yourself in a fairly big garden which is well maintained.

As the land needs to be mowed regularly, it is important that the lawn mower you choose is agronomical and light weighted.

Hunting in the market for a lawn mower with all these said features would be senseless as we have for you at your door step this CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Land mower.