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Black And Decker Cordless Mower Review


If you have ever watched a field game – hockey or football or baseball action does get your pulse racing.

However, for any gardener, the very fact that they have such perfectly designed lawns and their plush fields is another attraction. If you are looking to replicate that in your own lawn, you don’t have to rack your brain to get professional help.

Cordless Electric mowers are experts in doing just that. And to top the line of lawn mowing products, who else could it be if not for Black & Decker. And now it is them again with “The Cordless Mulching Mower with Rear Bag”. Check the features and mechanics and I’m sure you will be impressed.


The Black and Decker Cordless Mower provides for 3 operations with its 19-inch cutting blade. Firstly, allows to mulch leaving clippings on the lawn as natural fertilizer, secondly collects the clippings in a rear bag to be disposed off later and finally provides a side channel/tube to discharge or expel the collected clippings.

Seven adjustment positions

This 76 pound mulching mower, measuring 36" x 22.5" x 17.6", that comes with a 5 HP rechargeable motor and a 24V battery has provision for single touch height adjustment.

A total of seven different positions ranging from 1.25 to 3.5" are attainable. So the traditional practice of adjusting the wheels individually disappears and the new touch functionality takes over.

Reliable Cutting Deck

The cutting deck is made out of durable polymer that has high resistance to rusting and provides for easy cleaning and maintenance. It rides quite hard on weeds and dandelions that come on the way and renders them clipped.

The long 19-inch cutting deck makes this product suitable for use in medium to large sized lawns and ensures that the entire area is mowed down in just a few rounds.

Start-up Mechanism

Though the Black & Decker Mulching Mower is quite heavy when compared to other wired mowers, the startup mechanism is simply amazing in this one.

The handle lever has to be pulled and held and then the ignition lever is to be pulled.

The engine is now running with very minimal noise and suppressed vibration enhanced by the cushion handles. Also to ensure safety, a key is provided that has to be inserted before starting the mower.


Similar to other models from Black & Decker, this mower is compact and the handles can be folded back to store it in any tight space. Also a lifetime guarantee on mower deck, a 30-day risk satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year guarantee on mower are add-ons from Black & Decker.

Charging for long before first time use and a slightly heavy build may seem to be disadvantages on the first-hand but a corded or any other type of mower can never replace the cordless mower that doesn’t get onto the nerves of the user.

So just in case you had the slightest hesitation then let go off the same and drive right away to get The Black & Decker Cordless Mulching Mower with Rear Bag home and enjoy mowing down your lawn.

Consumer review

Amazon.com gives this Black and Decker Cordless Mower a 3.9 out of 5 star rating based on 199 customer. Some pros that this product got are this mower works great compare to any cheap gas powered mower, with a little noise and minimal maintenance without worry about keeping oil and gas around. Most of the homeowner rate this mower as a winner

As for the cons, some customers complain about its 24 hours recharge. And for a replacement battery black and decker charge $100 for it.