Best Miracast Dongles

No more boring watch with small screens. Take the benefits of miracast dongle to watch at big screens.

Now screen mirroring is the most popular technical method by which you can go for big screen display from smaller one. 

Simply share what's on your device on to a big screen with the use Miracast dongle aka wireless display adapter.

Best Miracast Dongles Comparison

Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter


Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter

Connection type HDMI
Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter


Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter

Connection type HDMI

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 If you have not heard of it before, you have come to the right place to know about it. I shall discuss here about screen mirroring devices with its usage and benefits.

But, before I go further here are 5 best Miracast dongle aka screen mirroring wireless display adapters comparison chart.

Do you like to mirror your small size screens like android smart phone into big one like TV? Here is the solution. We found here best 5 miracast dongles to consider. Check out these top screen mirroring devices which we consider as worth of buying.

Best Miracast Dongle Reviews

Here is why we choose Microsoft Display Adapter as the best Miracast dongle in the series of best screen mirroring devices. The best features and characteristics goes here.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter 

Microsoft P3Q-00001 Wireless Display Adapter


  • Wirelessly project from small device to big screen
  • Enjoy photos, website, videos, presentation on HDTV
  • Modernize meeting/ conference with a projector
  • Easy setup, simply plug into a HDVT to mirror
  • Easy to carry just by snapping ends together
  • Compatible with miracast enabled windows 10/ 8.1
  • Not compatible with Surface RT


  • Excellent performance with each Android and Windows devices
  • Super video and audio quality
  • Works immediately after plugged into a device
  • Setup is easy and straight forward. No technical hassle involved. Just plug and play

This WiFi enabled USB display adapter is our top pick in the best wireless display adapter series. Although little more expensive, Microsoft wireless display adapter works perfectly for Windows PCs and Android devices. This small, sleek design provide excellent quality of audio and video streaming. It is very easy to set up and convenient to use. This Miracast enabled device  is not suitable for gaming purpose.


Trending Miracast Dongles

ScreenBeam Mini 2 Display Receiver 

Share photos, web content, videos and more from your mobile devices (small screen) to your HDTV (big screen) just by connecting Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini 2. This wireless receiver features a USB interface which works seamlessly. The setup is easy and works perfectly with Windows 8.1, Wi-Fi Miracast and Intel® WiDi.

  • 1
    Display content from mobile devices to HDTV
  • 2
    USB interface enable HD image quality
  • 3
    Preexisting Wi-Fi network not necessary to connect
  • 4
    Suitable for playing mobile games on HDTV
  • 5
    Supports 2.4GHz or 5.0 GHz frequency
  • 6
    Works with Windows 8.1, Wi-Fi Miracast and WiDi 


Here is why we choose Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini 2 in the series of best screen mirroring devices. The most useful  features and characteristics goes here.

  • Works with NVIDIA SHIELD handheld gaming console
  • Audiovisual quality is satisfactory
  • Delay in connecting is reduced to minimum
  • Very quick and easy setup. No technical process involved

Buying Guide: Best Miracast Dongle

What is the best miracast dongle aka wireless screen mirroring device/ display adapter for your pc or laptop in 2018? These are often called as wireless screen mirroring devices. Go through the following sections of this article to update yourself with latest information on right miracast dongle/ wifi display adapter before going to buy one for you.

Every now and then you need to transfer content like photos from your tablet, pc, laptop or android devices to your TV. You feel to set up your TV as a mirroring device for your computer or mobile. You may feel to watch video from small screen like your smart phone to TV. You need not worry. You can easily share content from your laptop or pc to your TV by converting TV as a wireless monitor with a suitable wireless receiver box or miracast dongle.

What is a Screen Mirroring Miracast Dongle 

A wireless display adapter or sometimes referred as wireless computer monitor or usb to vga adapter is a computer system (includes desktop pc, laptop, iPad, iPhones and other android devices) that transmit HDMI over Wi-Fi (without the use of wire connectivity). To function with a computer system must have particular technology inbuilt to transmit graphics packet via USB port to the receiver of the TV.Wireless monitor function with either a adapter set or with wireless connectivity built in. This let the users transform their display of computer system to a TV screen.There are variety of products and patent technologies available in the market like MiracastAirplayChromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick to wirelessly connect your devices like laptop, pc or android to your TV. You can share things from small screen to big one.Before we go for right mirroring adapter for your device, we shall talk about a little on Miracast and Airplay.


Miracast is a technology which came into market at the end of 2012. The devices incorporated with Miracast is able to transfer HDMI over Wi-Fi. It is capable of sending 1080 HDMI video wirelessly.Android phones 4.2 or higher are coming with Miracast enabled. Miracast enabled devices can transmit video or photos from the devices to a TV. If your monitor/ TV does not have Miracast software certification, you can buy a Miracast USB dongle/ wireless adapter to get the work done.


Airplay is a patent technology developed by Apple Inc. to transmit photos, streaming videos over Wi-Fi. This is capable of transmitting HDMI videos from devices like iPhones, Macs, iPad, and Apple TV to a TV.Unlike Miracast Airplay is not an open protocol free to use.Airplay is suitable for Apple products like Apple TV, Macs, iPad and iPhones where as Miracast can be used by everyone. As Miracast is free open protocol, so used by many vendors.

Which receiver is right for your device. This depend upon for which device you want to share your content for. Here are best wireless monitor devices for Windows PC or Laptop, Android Devices and iPhone or iPad.Here we found best wireless display adapters for your windows PCs like desktop, laptop. Sometime you will find them equally suitable for android devices. Most of the screen mirroring devices are built with patent technologies. You need to confirm that your device is compatible with the adapter.

Final Verdict

The Microsoft wireless display adapter is a small HDMI stick with attached USB port. Most of the current mobiles and laptops are built with Miracast/ WiDi technologies. With that it is easy to use your laptop, desktop or android devices as wireless monitor for TV screen. The Microsoft wireless display adapter is one of the best miracast dongle/ WiDi receivers available in the market. It truly performs what is promises to do. The set up process is easy.

Miracast Dongle Setup Video

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