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Best Riding Lawn Mower Reviews


The tractors are very versatile lawn vehicles that help carry out a lot of lawn maintenance work. They are great for mowing large lawn spaces with minimal effort.

Besides, they are indispensable in moving and carrying out host of other maintenance activities using accessories too. Given below are the best riding lawn mower in various categories.

Best Lawn Tractor

This special status was given to John Deere X304 for its supreme overall performance.

This mower was recommended for its steering ability, manoeuvring, cruise control and the general comfort in riding the unit.

The reliable engine with a tough and sturdy built means that the mower is ideally designed for the tough jobs on large lawns.

With 42 inch cutting deck with 15 inch turning radius is just right for quick mowing. The low turning radius is perfect for mowing around trees and other obstacles.

To top it all, this unit comes with a four year or 300 hour warranty, so you can get free repairs if the parts get damaged in this duration.

The two real drawbacks as reported about this model are the price, which is steep, and the durability. Though it is a tough mower, some customers have questioned the durability of the unit.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Your Budget

Weed Eater We-One was voted the best mower in this category. This mower comes with a 190cc engine and a 26 inch cutting deck.

It is a true budget mower which can be considered to be the fringe between walk behind and full-fledged tractors.

The electric start means that you do not have to struggle with ignition or cord.

The small size makes it compact enough to store and transport around.

It has a very good quality mower cutting the grass as efficiently as the bigger mowers.

On the flip side though, it has a very large turning radius of 31 inches. So that means one needs to do a lot of trimming around trees.

However, it can mower in both directions, which is perfect. The other drawback is that it is not suited for steep hills and lawns with many obstacles.

Best Value Medium-Duty Lawn Tractor

John Deere LA115 is the best mower in this category.

It is very comfortable to ride as well as handle which is why it is rated so highly.

The cast-iron axle and the full pressure lube give the unit a very superior performance. It can deliver a very uniform cut on flat lawns in pretty good time.

It also comes with a strong bagging and mulching features. There are many interesting accessories to maximise the use of this mower.

Among the drawbacks, the inability of the mower to handle large lawns effectively has been pointed out by some people. It also falters on rough terrain and hilly regions too.

Best Zero Turn mower

Toro Z4200 is voted as the best zero turn mower.

One of the highlights includes a 4.5 maximum cutting height and this is particularly important in warm places where too short grass cover would damage the lawn.

It also delivers a very even cut which is praised by many users. Lastly, as expected from a tractor, this unit is pretty fast in cutting larger lawns.

The basic flaws with this unit are from a design aspect. You need to steer the mower using two levers which may not be natural to some operators.

Like most other mowers reviewed, this one too does not perform that well on the hilly region.

The biggest problem with this unit though is that the bagging and mulching solutions are not included in the price. You need to purchase them separately. While the costs are still justified, you need to be cognizant of the packaging before purchasing this unit.

Bottom Line

These are the best riding lawn mower based on the Customer Search results.

The reviews of these mowers are based on the general customer reviews from various sites as well as based on tests run by the testers under varied weather conditions.

Depending on your needs, this guide can be a great reference while purchasing your next lawn tractor.