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Best Rated Camping Gas Stoves


Also commonly known under the label “Coleman Fuel”, white gas is one of the most refined fuel sources for camping stoves and therefore emits less smoke and soot than kerosene or auto gas, but it’s a little messier to deal with and burn than canister stove fuels.

Widely available in many places in North America, the fuel just blazes like a blowtorch even in harsh weather conditions and can be carried around in fairly easy to carry, refillable bottles that are extremely light in weight and come in an assortment of sizes.

Many seasoned campaigners who camp a lot choose the best gas stoves because white gas produces the shortest boiling times year round, is almost oblivious to ambient temperature, is cheaper than gas or butane, packs more cooking power into a fairly small bottle and can be pressurized (using a pump) to work at virtually any altitude. Most white gas stove must be primed for best results, they burn hot and clean, and therefore fuel costs are quite low.

Looking for something dependable? We have put together a few short reviews so you can choose the best money can buy.

Optimus Svea Gas Stove

If you need a stove that can crank out blowtorch-like heat in a matter of few minutes, but also has the ability to simmer sauces, the Optimus Svea Stove is the best choice. The maker is in the business of making stoves for more than a hundred years, and the some of the earliest models were actually made back in the mid 1950s.

Highly efficient, versatile, and almost indestructible, this multipurpose stove primes pretty quickly, puts out a ton of fire, and even simmers well. Ideal, practical and beautiful, this lightweight gas stove feature a very simple design and weighs just 8.1 oz and burns for approximately 1 hour at peak output.

The pot stands that rotate in or out can handle slightly larger pots and provide good stability. And the windscreens are good enough to protect against flare-ups in windy conditions.

Several users posted gas stove reviews stating that this stove impressed them with its almost instantaneous relighting and pretty quick firing up, even after a long period of inactivity.

Thanks to its unique design and construction (burner), fuel consumption was quite low. Despite repeated time-intensive baking and frying, only a couple of liters of white gas in five to six days of moderate weather in winter.

It’s a lovely backpacking stove if you are looking for something lightweight. And it brings water to a boil fairly quickly too. What’s more, it’s packable and incredibly sturdy and overall a wonderful backup stove to carry with you even on your car camping trips.

All in all, it’s all you could ask for in camping stove- it’s a keeper!

Optimus Crux Lite Stove With Terra Cook Set

Touted to be one of the lightest back camping stoves going around, this one is powerful and stable and will without doubt make your cooking experience something to remember even when you are in the wild camping.

This Optimus gas stove is a high quality, durable stove that is very light, packable and quite easy to carry around even with the small gas canister fitting inside the very compact stove. A really tiny set, it is a great fit for a weekend camper, but not a good choice for long camping trips because the amount of fuel required to keep the stove running takes quite a lot of room. A lot of people who bought this tiny stove for its compactness gave positive reviews for this gas stove, especially for its ability to save on the limited space in a backpack.

Several users complain that the whole unit is just a bit top-heavy and that the arms are not wide for the stove to secure larger cans and frying pans on the burner- it’s still a great product though.

If you are looking for a brilliantly compact gas stove that can cook food really fast even in cold weather and keep it hot for a long time, don’t look any further than this one.

Coleman Two Burner Liquid Fuel Stove

The granddaddy of camping stoves has come out with a lovely dual-fuel, two burner cooking stove which is considered as one of the tried and true champions of a hundred campsites.

No stranger to the camping equipment, Coleman makes the robust, durable two burner stove. If you want the efficiency of gas stoves and would compromise on the convenience of canisters, here is one of the best gas stoves for any backpacker on the go. The unit is fairly lightweight and looks all good for a stove that would last for several years unless it took a hard fall. Each component of this set can be used independently clearly making it one of the ultra versatile stoves around.

As the reviews suggest this, this stove comes in handy with small pots and frying pans. The wind guard does a neat job of allowing you to cook even with a fairly low flame setting.

From a gentle simmer to a blowtorch, like heat, this Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel stove gently heats everything when you’re out in the rain forest, and melts loads of snow for a hot tea in cold weather. Several campers conclude that, at its best, this multipurpose stove brought a quart of water to boil in less than 5 minutes. Although they took off a couple of stars in their gas stove reviews for the build quality of the flimsy metal sheet casing.

This two burner cooking stove is ready to cook right out of the box. Rated at 7500 BTUs and 6500 BTUs, both burners do a fairly good job of cooking and warming things. Even though it does not have the fastest of boil times, the combination of power and brawn makes this one of the clear winners in its class.