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Best Propane Stoves for Camping


Coleman has been producing some of the best propane camp stove in the market for more than 50 years now. And it shows. This is another winner from the stable of Coleman which is known for making safe, dependable and durable stoves. Ask someone who has one, and they’ll testify that the best way to buy a propane stove is to simply look for the Coleman brand.

Coleman is one of the makers that don’t believe in cutting corners whatsoever. Its line of propane stoves is built with high quality materials formed in modern, stylish design. If expert propane stove reviews are to be believed, all stoves in its lineup are very sturdy and seem extremely well built- they can take the heat, scratching brush and hard knocks.

Coleman Fold N Go​ (TM) Two Burner Propane Stove

This is one of the easiest to clean as well. Unlike other camping stoves where you’ve to take everything apart to clean those hard to reach areas, this one is completely sealed- take the pot supports off, clean the section beneath, flip them back on and then Fold N Go.

The Fold N Go design is one of the exemplary portable propane stove on the market today. Even though it is extremely lightweight, the separation of the two independently controlled, fully adjustable 10000 BTU burners as well as the tough pot supports mean that you can make two of your favorite meals in two heavy, large stock pots or fry pans at a time. What’s more, this stove seems extremely stable when placed on a table.Thanks to its folding design, this compact stove becomes its own carry case. Also, it is quite convenient to carry around and takes up less space considering it’s designed to perform heavy duty tasks. With the instant start feature, a mere twist of the knob starts the propane flowing. Of course, you’ll need to press a button though to start cooking.

Although a windscreen would be a nice addition to increase boiling times in gusty weather, all the other features and advantages more than make up for it.

Overall, this Coleman appliance has all the makings to become the #1 propane stove in 2015. We highly recommend checking this out.

Coleman Bottle Top Propane Camping Stove

Coleman, known for making the best gear for camping, has brought out another winner that is tailor made for campers. It is wide enough to hold any frying pan or boiling pot steadily and put out a lot of heat even in tough conditions. It’s certainly good enough to support another full size pans and pots, and the relatively smaller varieties.

This is a very good portable package designed to meet the cooking needs of any camper. A lightweight frame, robust design, sturdy construction, stable support and plenty of firepower make it one of the best camping stoves in 2019.

Thanks to an adjustable burner, it gives ultimate temperature control. The regulator knob can be twisted down to a low setting and still not be blown off by blustery weather. If the conditions are extremely windy, the wind baffles come to your rescue.

All in all, it’s a good addition to any camping kit and well worth the price. Toss that old camping stove aside, and use this one for best results in extreme conditions.

Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove

Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove

If you have had enough toted along your bulky camp stove, this is the best choice to go for. It is light, compact and comparatively cheap. The wind guards are lightweight, flexible and extremely strong and seem to do a pretty good job of keeping the flame burning. However, some users complained that the flame was a little erratic in a side wind. In addition to 17000 BTUs of cooking power, this propane stove also offers the largest cooking area for a stove of its build quality and price.

Some propane stove reviews point out that the gas tank slips away quite often and won’t fit into its slot snugly. However, it’s minor issue that can be worked around- put something underneath the tank or in front to keep it stable.

The lighted ignites the fire without fuss. Even though the flame seemed robust the boil time was on the slow side. Clean up is a cinch.

Overall, it’s a good quality stove that is aesthetically pleasing and absolutely easy to use.

Why Propane Camp Stove?

Remember when every camper had to be a service station attendant to keep the gas stoves burning? When the cooking stove was full other gas-fueled appliances like the lantern were basically empty, and when these appliances were full, the stove required heavy pumping. And not only were gas stoves smoky, they were smelly, inconvenient and hard to deal with.

That’s in the past.

Enter the propane stoves – the ideal fuel that provides ultimate outdoor cooking comfort to a modern camper.

Yes, half the fun of any camping activity is eating those lovely outdoor meals, but cooking them is a different story altogether. Gas or a wood fire is all right for steaks, but it is quite difficult to beat the convenience of the portable propane stove for the rest of the meal.

Maybe you’re heading to the Appalachian Mountains and your canister stoves suck in cold weather when temperatures start plummeting below freezing. When you are out doing much winter camping, Propane is the fuel to go with. It lights very easily and burns even when it gets too cold. Even though transportation laws stipulate that propane fuel be stored in heavy steel lids, if you are river running, dog-sledging, or impervious to carrying heavy loads, propane is inexpensive, burns clean, and is well suited for a wide range of temperatures.

The Conclusion Of Propane Camping Stove Review

Walk into any campsite and you’ll most likely find a Coleman stove. They’re best in class and are inferior to no other brand. If you’re going to have a cookout at the lake next month and prefer the convenience of the best propane camp stove, look no further than these Coleman propane stoves.