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Best Nuvo Water Softeners


Buying Guide for Nuvo Water Softeners

Considering Nuvo water softener? Well, it is a choice of many!

Currently, it is one of the salt free water softeners in the market with the best ratings and highest number of reviews. Just like any other water softener that is saltless, it is important to know how the system works to soften hard water. Nonetheless, the many Nuvo water softener reviews online only indicate that clients are happy with the product and its range of benefits.

The Nuvo water softening system has been specifically designed to condition and soften water in order to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits that can easily corrode or clog heaters, appliances and even plumbing systems, such as pipes and drainages.

How It Functions

Nuvo water softener prevents the buildup of the whitish scales by breaking down the bonds of molecules in the water; this stabilizes the free molecules in the water, rendering them unreactive. Normally, water softening systems condition water using salt. Nuvo system utilizes state of the art technology, Citra Charge Cell Technology that deploys the use of citric acid, which is safe for use in food. Therefore, instead of using salt to soften the water, the system utilizes citrus fruits to break the molecule bonds and thus softening the water.

The process used is known as chelation. The formulation of the softener contains a chelating agent that bonds with the ions found in hard water during filtration, such as magnesium and calcium. When this happens, the minerals making the water hard become soluble, hence preventing the buildup of whitish scales on appliances and plumbing systems. As a result, many problems brought about by hard water are completely eliminated.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

Nuvo water softener reviews point out several benefits of this product, with the most obvious being softening hard water (just like many other water softening systems). However, there are many other benefits of this product that make it stand out in the market. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee on all products sold, but this depends on the company’s terms and conditions that apply.

It has a lifetime warranty, does not require electricity in order to operate (making it energy efficient and saving), gets rid of prevailing whitish scales and it is very easy to install; homeowners do not need to hire professionals to do the installation because DIY is possible.

Just like many other water softening systems, Nuvo water softener requires little or no maintenance. However, the filter cartridge must be replaced two times in a year to maintain optimal performance of the system. A cartridge costs an average of $60, making it almost the same cost incurred when using ordinary water softeners with fewer benefits.

Improved Performance

Unlike most other water softener systems that use sodium, Nuvo utilizes citric acid. However, Mark Timmons, water technology expert at USWaterSystems.com, points out that it is impossible to soften water using a system that is free from salt; according to him, only sodium can be used to do so. Mark says that Nuvo water systems mainly condition water, not soften.

Although many people are quick to question the science behind such systems, the fact remains that customers who have used and reviewed the Nuvo water softening system are very happy with its performance and results. According to many of the reviewers on Amazon, buildups caused by hard water drastically reduced and their water does not just feel good, but also tastes great. Very few clients of this system claim to see no changes in their water systems.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Easy to Use

The softener has also been reviewed by many customers as very easy to use. The Nuvo water system is easy to install and easily eliminates buildups resulting from hard water, leading to soft water that is free from residues. The system utilizes citric acid and no expertise is needed during installations. However, some clients pointed out that they experienced some difficulties during installations. According to them, the process of installation is quite tricky.

Excellent Customer Support Services

All customers that have reviewed this amazing product say that it comes with excellent customer support services. According to reviews on Amazon, customer service representatives respond promptly to calls and emails. One customer said she had trouble receiving her refunds within the 90 days upon request; however, many clients were happy with the refund service. The company also responds to client reviews on Amazon to explain what happened and better their service in the future according to the feedback from customers.

So, is it worth investing in Nuvo Water Softener? Appliances cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, just like it costs to install a drainage system. Therefore, they require proper care for them to last long. If you are dedicated to investing in a saltless water softening system, Nuvo is the way to go because it has impeccable reviews online from happy clients and that is what counts. Before opting for any system, it is important to go through some Nuvo Water Softener reviews online to help in decision-making.