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10 Best Microwave Rice Cookers


There are many methods of cooking rice. You can cook rice on your stovetop, in an electric rice cooker or just using microwave rice cooker… A microwave rice cooker is a microwavable container, which is designed specifically for cooking rice. It consists of three parts: a fitted lid with steam vents (the cover has a special design which enables excessive build up pressure to escape while retaining most of the water and steam in the pot), an inner bowl with a finely perforated base, and an outer bowl.

Making rice in the microwave is very simple and quick (usually 10-15 minutes). You just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the type of rice, the amount of water needed, and the length of cooking time. And with a little adjustment of your microwave’s timing and power, you can cook rice to perfection every time without having mushy rice, or getting burnt rice on the bottom of your pot.

Just like any other products, there are many microwave rice cookers on the market. However, choosing the right one is not a complicated task. When purchasing a microwave rice cooker, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you buy the size that best suits your family needs.
  • Go with manufacturer with good reputation (Nordic Ware for example)
  • Spending enough time to read through “customer reviews” before making decision.

Here are some of the very good Microwave Rice Cookers Reviews

Microwave Rice Cooking Instructions:

Blend Jasmine rice together with drinking water inside a microwave rice cooker. The right starting point is two parts water for every portion of rice (for example, 3 cups rice, 6 cups water). It is easy to fine-tune the ratio by experimentation, based on how dry or moist of rice that go well with your personal taste, your microwave’s power, the size/shape of your rice cooker, etc.

Certain types of rice may possibly benefit from getting rinsed and/or soaked prior to cooking. Rinsing not just cleans the rice, but it moreover enhances texture and flavor of the rice; in the United States, rice is fortified with supplements which rinsing may eliminate, even though these vitamins shouldn’t be required if you currently have a well-balanced eating habits. Soaking basically minimizes cooking time although not by very much in cases where preparing rice in a microwave.

You could add salt or even butter prior to cooking if you desire, or prepare the rice in chicken stock as an alternative to drinking water. Also, ensure that the pot is adequate to keep the rice soon after it expands.

The following are some recommended rules for a regular 700 watt microwave and Jasmine rice:
For 1/2 cup rice – 9 minutes; 3/4 cup rice – 12 minutes; 1 cup rice – 16 minutes; 1 1/4 cups rice – 20 minutes; 1 1/2 cups rice – 23 minutes.

Let the rice container remains inside the microwave for five more minutes after it turns off. In case the result is not up to your own expectations, experiment with the microwave’s power, timer until you obtain the result you desire.

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