Best Leaf Blowers

Your lawn does not have to be a messy pile of mess when the trees shed their leaves. It also doesn’t have to remain unkempt because of the effort that comes with raking cut grass after you’ve mowed the lawn. Some parents may have considered using this as a means to punish unruly children.  

5 Best Selling Leaf Blowers

There are easier ways of keep a manicured yard that neighbors will envy. That is where getting the best leaf blower comes in to save the day.

It is amazing to make your garden look more beautiful by removing leaf piled up all over. It add more attraction to your garden viewers. You may be confused in choosing the best one. We have reviewed top 10 best leaf blowers, you can choose the best one from our list.Our Garden Care product review team are on work on writing the comprehensive leaf blower review. Check frequently. Soon we shall publish ultimate buyer's guide on best leaf blowers. Time being you can check these leaf blowers from Amazon Marketplace.

What is a leaf blower? 

Also known as a blower, it is a gardening tool that blows out air through a nozzle. This air then moves leaves, raked thatch, twigs and grass cuttings from the desired area to tidy it up. It is powered either by gas or electric motors.

These types of machinery are loud. For this reason, their use should be as per the community guidelines. Before making a purchase, find out what regulations in your area state, including the time of day for their use. The ideal day to use a leaf blower is on a dry, calm weather. You can also use it on a windy day but make sure you're not blowing against the wind. The leaves should also be dry; wet ones are impossible to blow.

When using a blower, there are protective measures that you should take. Wear safety glasses or goggles, long-sleeved shirts, long pants and closed shoes. That is because the air blasting off a blower can cause pieces of debris to fly and enter your eye or cut you.

Depending on the leaf blower, it may get hot during use. Work gloves will go a long way to help handling. Be mindful to keep people and pets away.

Why go for leaf blower? 

Using a high-powered machine to remove debris from your lawn takes a much shorter time than using a rake. This power tool is not just for blowing leaves and grass. Some of the best leaf blowers can blow lights snow off your car or sidewalk. It also comes in handy when lint or dirt from a vent and destroying spider webs.  

Things to consider to buy the best leaf blower

Gas vs. electric: Leaf blowers are either gas or electricity powered. The one you select depends on use.

Weight: Weight is also something else to consider, especially if it’s a gift. Electric blowers can weigh anywhere between 8-15 lbs. Their gas-powered counterparts weigh 15-20 lbs.

Handheld vs. wheels: Handheld blowers aren’t the only ones available on the market. You can get one with wheels for commercial or prosumer use.

Price: At the end of the day, your budget largely dictates what to purchase. The lowest price range for all leaf blowers is between $40 and $350.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Electric handheld leaf blower: These can run on battery but only do so for a shorter period. When plugged into a power source, these blowers become restrictive.  

Gas-powered handheld leaf blower: These tend to run for a longer time and give you the freedom to use it anywhere. They are however heavier and noisier than electric ones.

Gas-powered backpack leaf blower: The backpack design distributes weight on the back and shoulder. It is therefore easier to carry around

Gas-powered wheeled leaf blower: They get the job done quicker but cost more. More maintenance is required to keep it running and calls for a larger storage space.

Final verdict

When buying the best leaf blower for home use, a gas-powered handheld leaf blower is best. There are some brands that provide models as light as, or even lighter than electric blowers. There are those available that you easily control with just one hand.

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