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10 Best Gaming Mouse


10 Best Gaming Mouse - 2019

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Buying Guide To Best Gaming Mouse

It’s a fact; a mouse is an essential tool in PC gaming. A newbie may wonder why veterans spend money on gaming mice. The reason is this kind of mouse can be for standard use. It does a wide range of gaming tactics including targeting, attacking and aiming. A wide variety of devices makes selecting the best gaming mouse somewhat tasking. Our review team come out with 5 best gaming mouse. Here it goes comparison of 5 best gaming mouse.

What is a Gaming Mouse? 

A gaming mouse has added functionality for computer gaming. It works better than a standard mouse. Functions are typically faster response times, adjustable weight and higher sensitivity.

Why go for a Gaming Mouse? 

Gaming mice don’t make players pros. It only enhances the user experience. You get increased weapon selection, targeting, firing etc. than with a standard mouse. They add to the user experience.

Things to consider while buying the Gaming Mouse

Every gamer has their idea what the best gaming mouse is. One of the most important things to take into account is the gaming genre. The mouse you get depends if you’re into MOBA, MMO, RTS or FPS.

MOBA: These gamers look for comfort. They prefer a mouse with a large number of programmable buttons. A high DPI is preferable for a sensitive and faster pointer. A high number of buttons makes gaming comfortable.

MMOs: These fans prefer macro creation options with many buttons. It allows quick spell casting or inclusive selection of weaponry and ammunition. Anything less than ten buttons could prove frustrating for a pro.

RTS and FPS: A high DPI mouse allows players to rip added benefits. The switches should be high quality. They ought to offer brilliant precision and tracking options too. The mouse also needs to be light for comfortable handling.

Essential Design features of Gaming Mouse

Optical vs. Laser Sensor: An optical mouse needs a good mouse mat to operate on. Laser mice tend to work flawlessly any hard surface. They are also better when it comes to precision and accuracy. Issues however arise once it is exposed to dust.

The Surface: Every mouse needs a good mat. Any competent mat works of the optical mouse. A laser one requires a hard surface. Cloth mats don’t work great for them.

Poll Rate: This is the number of times the mouse reports its position on the PC. The measurement is in Hz. A high poll rate means that the cursor offers accuracy. A 500Hz and above gaming mouse is best.

DPI: This refers to the cursor’s speed on screen. When it is high you move your mouse fewer times. It does, however, require a steady hand. A mouse with an adjustable DPI is best.

Grip and Shape: The three main gripping styles are claw, palm, and fingertips. Go for a mouse whose form gives you maximum comfort without wrist fatigue.

Final verdict

Selecting the best gaming mouse for you depends on your gaming style. This essential guideline should get you on the right path.

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