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Battery Operated Lawn Mower Reviews

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Advantages of Using 
Battery Operated Lawn Mower

It is a well known fact that most lawn mowers are petrol operated.

They used to be the most comfortable mowers to utilize.

Everything you had to do was only to pull the cord in order to start the device, and simply push it along your lawn mowing the grass.

However, these mowers have a quite a few disadvantages which made people think about alternative ways.

Yes, petrol powered mowers are rather expensive to maintain, noisy and environmentally unfriendly.

That is why today we have a chance to go for another option – a battery operated lawn mower. It is a cordless type of an electric mower, so there is no need to keep an eye on a long power cord while mowing the grass.

They say that a battery operated lawn mower is capable of cutting the grass only on the small areas on one go, but the simple fact that its charge is enough to mow both back and front yard, or a lawn and a small garden.

Generally speaking, battery lawn mowers can mow approximately a quarter to one third acre without being recharged.

Advantages of using a battery operated lawn mower

Using a battery lawn mower, you protect the environment: one hour of mowing the grass with a petrol mower would be equal to driving a car 100 km.

These mowers are typically light weight, so you will be able to glide around the corners. It is extremely easy to use, and you do not have to possess too much physical strength to operate it.

Instead of buying oil and petrol all the time, you have to power your battery lawn mower by simply plugging the device into an electrical outlet.

In general it takes eights to eleven hours to charge the batteries completely. When they are charged, you will be able to use your lawn mower for about an hour if work continuously.

With a battery lawn mower there are no gas fumes, so you can mow the grass without coughing and smelling the petrol.

You do not need any earplugs as well: these mowers are much quieter in use.

It is easy to maintain a battery lawn mower: after you finish mowing the lawn, just clean the blade of your mower and wipe the machine with a wet cloth.

The only resource it takes is electric power, and it is rather cost effective in comparison with petrol and oil: in general you will have to spend only about twenty five cent for one cut.

It is easy to switch such mower on and off. If you feel tired, you can easily switch it off, have a break and restart the machine effortlessly, by simply pressing the button.

Lawn Mower Battery

Batteries for these mowers can be different.

Some of them last only half an hour, the others – a little bit more than one hour. All of them are rechargeable, but they will not last more than five years, just keep this fact in mind.

There are several types of the batteries which can be used to power a lawn mower.

Firstly, it is lead acid. They are not bad, but if you want to go green, you should remember that lead acid batteries can't be recycled.

Then of course lithium batteries – they are rather expensive and do not have a large storage capacity. The most optimal variant is to get a nickel cadmium battery – it is environmentally friendly, cost effective and functional.

These batteries do not require any special maintenance. The only thing you should take into consideration is that you should not recharge the batteries until they are completely out of charge. If they charged when it is not needed.

To prolong batteries' life, avoid mowing your lawn when the grass is wet – it strains any battery tremendously, and in any case you will not be able to do a god job. Also, it is bad for a battery when you have to cut off more than 3 inches at one time, so do not let your grass to overgrow.

There are several brands of battery lawn mower you can choose from: Toro, John Deere, Black & Decker, Neuton, Solaris and some of the others.

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