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Aquios Full House Water Softener Review

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The Aquios Water Softener and Filter System proved to be the all-in-one solution for our hard water problems at home. Aside from the distinct taste, we hated what hard water did to our household appliances. The scale build-up in our tub and shower alone was incredible, not to mention the damage it did to our dishwasher.

How the Aquios Solved Our Hard Water Problems

Since we just purchased a new dishwasher (we had to replace the old one), my wife suggested that we find a total solution to our hard water problems. We actually checked different water softener reviews before finally deciding to purchase this product. We wanted to be sure that we were spending our money on the right product.

Installation was easy enough for me, which also allowed me to appreciate the sleek design of this water softener and filter system. However, I think  folks who don’t have plumbing skills are better off hiring professional help. I’m not a professional plumber and it took me two full hours to get this thing hooked up to our house’s water system.

We didn’t notice the benefits and effects at first but we did notice a slight change in how the water felt in the shower. We gave it a few days since we had to account for the fact that it took years for the scale and all that filth to build up in the pipes. Even though we didn’t expect immediate results, we were happy to note the improvements in our water as the days went by.

It should be noted that this product is not a saltwater softener. If you’re looking for immediate effects, just check out what it does to your soap and shampoo usage. I get more lather out of our bath soap than I used to. You’ll just have to wait a bit before you can see a noticeable reduction in the scale build up in your household appliances.

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  • Water softener/water filter system all in one
  • Easy to install
  • Filters water without any reduction in water pressure
  • Sleek design
  • Eliminates scale and gunk as you continue to use the unit
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Some Drawbacks

I personally do not see any big negatives from this home water softener. Some people may find the replacement cartridge for this product to be a bit too pricey. However, since you only have to replace the cartridge after six months of use,  I think the price is worth it. You may also have to hire a plumber to install this unit.

Final Verdict

The replacement cartridge price and the installation issues are not really weighty matters that affect the quality of this product. I still think the Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System is a very good, all-in-one option for your hard water problems.

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