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Antique Lawn Mower Reviews

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Antique Lawn Mower From 1920 to 1950
An antique mower is not only interesting as a historical object, but also has a special charm, like many other old things.

Touching an item like this, you can feel the spirit of time and repeat the experience of your grandfather when he dealt with a lawn mower for the first time.

An antique mower can be a nice item for a collection of vintage things, and also it can be interesting from the mechanical point of view.

Antique riding lawn mowers

Antique Riding Lawn Mower

The antique mowers of the 50es are represented by Sears Craftsman 36" deck 5 Hp riding lawn mower.

When these models first appeared, it was very prestigious to have one. It was kind of status symbol for a home owner, and very often these lawn mowers were demonstrated to the guests with lots of pride and admiration.

These antique mowers feature extremely good tires, touched with the quality of the old manufacturers. Also, this model has a spring load seat for maximum comfort. It has a pull start and 5 hp B & S original iron engine. This model still can be functional, and produces no smoke while performing. For ease of service it has a hatch lid top. Its deck is thirty six inches long, and it is solid, reliable and strong.

Antique Lawn Mowers from 1920

Antique lawn mower

In case you are interested in a models of an antique mower of the 20es, it is recommended to pay attention at the All Steel Push Lawn Mower,which was manufactured by Great American Ball Bearing Company.

This lawn mower is really completely metal, even its handles are not an exception. Its scissor like cutting wheel moves fast and freely, and in general this antique lawn mower is exceedingly reliable and sturdy.

It is also easy to maintain and operate. Though of course if this mower is not used for mowing, it would be a great addition to any collection.

The key features of this mower includes: 17" scissor like blades, 46" metal handles and 9" metal wheels. The wheels have a gear pattern for grip. One more component of this antique lawn mower is a wooden roller.


Antique mowers are a special category of these machines: a passionate gardener will find it extremely interesting to experience what it was like to mow the lawns many decades ago.

At the same time, it is so exciting to compare the performances of the antique and contemporary lawn mowers and to actually feel the power of progress and charm of the past.