Amazon Echo for People with Disablity

Is Amazon echo good for people with disability? Read further to find it out. Traditionally, personal virtual assistant devices used to be only for rich people or busy corporate managers whose time was priceless. However, since Amazon launched their first personal assistant device called Echo, things have radically changed in this industry. Virtual assistants have now become increasingly famous among disabled people, breaking new ground in the disabled community.

Disabled People can Now Enjoy an Easier Life

Amazon Echo is a personal assistant that sits comfortably on the table and answers all the questions you might have. Additionally, it connects to your appliances and gives you full control over them. You can use it to gather precious information, hear up-to-the-minute news, check your upcoming schedule, play audio books, listen to music, ask for sport scores, add an alarm and even shop on Amazon. For disabled people who are either blind or unable to move, Amazon Echo can do in less than five seconds things that might take them five minutes, or in many cases even more. Disabled people had to go through these slow and painful experiences before Siri and Echo hit the market. Just try covering your eyes and then try to navigate online or turn on the TV to the weather channel. Also try to imagine sitting at the kitchen table and being forced to go to your bedroom just to check your Google calendar, all the while being stuck in a wheelchair. With Amazon Echo, everyone’s a winner. The blind, motor-impaired and people with dyslexia, can now all leverage the amazing benefits of Amazon Echo. By just saying the magic word “Alexa”, they can wake up their personal assistant and stay in touch with everything that moves.

Old People can Get to Love a Virtual Assistant

Not only disabled people can make the most out of their virtual assistant, but also seniors. There is a misconception among youth people that seniors are bored to death. Nothing could be further from the truth. If they are connected 24/7 to the surrounding world, they will never know the true meaning of the word “boredom”. Amazon Echo enables them to stay connected without having to move from one room to the other, nor staying for hours in front of the computer. Just imagine your granny washing dishes and cooking while talking to Alexa. That’s not just a funny image, but a real one. This device could soon become the best gadget-friend to your grandma. With Amazon’s Echo, she can easily organize her day, send text messages, update Facebook status, make an appointment, play her favorite songs, discover who killed J.F.Kennedy, find out what’s the actual population of NYC according to the latest census, and even find out when the world is going to end. There is no limit to the things seniors can do with a virtual assistant such as Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is also extremely useful for babysitters or mothers with toddlers who need to spend the majority of their day around a crib. They can easily say “Alexa” followed by their need. Echo will try to come with an answer ASAP.

Amazon Echo – Perfect for Business Owners

Probably the largest group of people who can benefit of Amazon Echo are business owners. If you are a young entrepreneur or a manager of a large corporation, here are some reasons to go with a virtual personal assistant instead of hiring a full-time physical assistant. – It takes an eternity to find the suitable employee for the job.– In the long run hiring a personal assistant is much more expensive than choosing Amazon Echo.– It takes additional expenses and space to put people. Echo can sit comfortably on your table, taking no more than a few inches out of your precious space. – You need to keep your assistant busy, which means you need to spend additional time giving her things to do. Amazon Echo does not mind waiting on you.– Firing people is quite a tedious task. Amazon Echo does not need to be fired, unless it breaks down.– A potential affair might cost you more than you think. With Echo there is no such worry. Apart from the fun part, Amazon Echo is an outstanding device that works wonders and helps you maximize your time and live each day at its fullest. Whether you are a busy company owner, a marketing director, a busy mom, a happy senior or a disabled person tired of his life, Amazon Echo can transform your life and make it fun again – and quite interesting.