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Allis Chalmers Lawn Mowers Reviews


If you are looking for some real classy and charm of the days gone by, Allis Chalmers mowers are truly one of the best in the business.

As a company, Allis Chalmers saw the highs of a highly successful company and a market leader to the lows of being almost completely wiped out of business.

In 2008, this old and famous brand of lawn mowers was revived by Briggs & Stratton power product.

Today, you can revisit the classic design of the Allis Chalmers lawn mowers in two modern versions of the mower.

Allis Chalmers Lawn Mowers AC130

This lawn mower comes in two varieties: 42 inch and the 46 inch cutting deck.

With 7 cutting height adjustments, you can clip your grass to suit your terrain which makes it a really great mower for all kinds of lawns.

The highlight of this model is the placement of various controls. All the controls for the mower are located in intuitive and easy to access positions.

As a result, mowing on this unit is a breeze.

The best part about this mower is that it is completely electrical with a high power battery with good battery life.

The units come with outboard gauge wheels to avoid turf damage even on bumpy lawns. The mower also comes with a low turning radius of 14 inches.

This means post mowing you do not have to struggle with a lot of area to trim too.

To top it all, you get the unique combination of the power of Briggs & Stratton engines and the legendary durability and performance of Allis Chalmers.

AC130 All Wheel Steer

While there are many mowers that offer great features, most of these impressive abilities come to nothing on tougher lawn terrains.

With Allis Chalmers though, you are guaranteed best performance regardless of the terrain.

This is where the All Wheel Steer mower becomes really significant.

If you own a decent sized lawn with not the ideal terrain, you can still mower it perfectly with the AC130 All Wheel Steer.

This model comes with a 46” cutting deck that make mowing larger lawns simpler.

The anti scalping gauge wheels ensure minimal damage to your mowed grass unlike standard wheels.

The rear wheels also move in since with the steering which reduces the reaction time for turns.

This gives you much better mowing results. The manoeuvring controls are all located on the foot pedal.

So you can accelerate forward, move back and adjust the speeds without having to move your feet significantly.

This not only adds to comfort of mowing but also reduces the time required to mow.

Like the other AC130 model, even this model has a 14” turning radius which means you have much lesser work with the trimmer as compared to other mowers.

With amazing manoeuvrability, trusted performance and excellent durability, this is one mower you would not want to miss in your home.

In summary, you may not find a lot of models to choose from under the Allis Chalmers brand, given that it is brand being revived. However, given the past performance and brand name, this is surely on brand you must consider if you are planning to purchase a new mower.