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5 Tips For Flying With Your Baby Stroller

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Flying with your baby stroller can be so tricky if you don’t have any knowledge or experience about it. It can be ended by rejection or unpleasant moment while you get rushed by the other passengers. It’s true that flying with baby stroller need a special care and attention. You probably get confused as you have to understand the procedure of bringing a baby stroller on the flight along with you. It’s very important to confirm the Airlines about the rules before deciding to bring a baby stroller on the flight.

1.Tagging Your Baby Stroller

There are some different rules applied among airports and airlines due to the baby stroller on flights. The idea is to get a checking tag for your baby stroller from the gate agent. Bigger folding strollers are usually categorized as checked luggage. It’s suggested for you to make an earlier contact to your airline whether your baby stroller needs to be checked or not. You can put covers on your baby stroller to keep it clean and safe in airplane cargo.

2. Getting Your Baby Stroller Through Security

As you arrive at the destination you’ll need to remove your baby from the stroller and let the stroller go through x-ray screening. It’s suggested to take family lines so you don’t have to be in a rush while removing your baby and preparing for screening and passing the security checking.

3. Checking Your Baby Stroller at the Gate

Some of the airlines offer early boarding for the passengers who need any assistance including those who are with babies and the strollers. The Airlines then will have enough time to load tagged strollers and check them on the jet bridge. You can get some extra time to settle your babies on a plane before rushed by other passengers crowded. The strollers will be waiting for you and your baby in the jet bridge as soon as the plane lands. While you’re flying with a baby stroller, you’re suggested to board earlier at least 30 minutes.

4. Storing Your Baby Stroller on Airplane

The storing on a plane can only be done if you’re carrying the umbrella-style stroller and only if the flight isn’t full of the passengers. You’ll have an easy access to your baby stroller and it will reduce the chance of you losing it due to flight transfers as long as you don’t forget to unload it.

5. Baby Stroller and Baggage Claim

As mentioned above, if you’re bringing a large baby stroller you’ll have to put it along with your luggage in cargo. As you finish your flight you need to claim your luggage and your baby stroller. They can be separated out, it’s very important to not forget all of your luggage including your baby stroller. In case you lost it, you need to contact the airline and airports to report and claim it.

By knowing the rule and the procedures you’ll save the time and reduce inconveniently and you’ll be more comfortable to fly with your baby along with its stroller. The safety is the most important thing when you go on a flight. If you’re flying with your husband or families you can use their help on your luggage and baby stroller, the baby is your main focus.

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