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5 Safety Tips for the Baby Stroller

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Nowadays baby stroller plays an important role in every family. With this gear, parents do not need to pick up their babies and carry them around their hips. Not to mention that they can also attach the gear in the car, easing the parents to travel with their beloved kids. If you are one of these parents, then baby stroller is for you.

Having baby stroller can be fun and displeasing at the same time. The fact is sometimes parents overlook the importance of baby stroller safety measures. Some parents scolded the retailers because their baby stroller broke in just a week. What they forgot was to check the weight limit of the stroller. It’s only one example, let’s see 5 safety tips for the baby stroller.

Make Sure You Check the Weight Limit

All strollers in the market have a weight limit. Make sure that you check on weight limit before purchasing any stroller in the market. If you have purchased a stroller, still you need to check it. Sometimes, what makes the stuff too heavy is not the baby weight, but the other stuff is stored in the stroller.

Test the Brakes and Tires

Checking the brakes will save you from a lot of hassles later. Do this every time you want to go outside and take a walk with your kid. The brakes on your baby stroller should be easy to operate. You will use the brakes often when using your baby stroller. Ample brakes will help you to stop the stroller without big effort. You must know that tire can wear when you use the baby stroller often. It can also affect how the brake work. If your neighborhoods have hills or steep slopes, consider purchasing the stroller with disc brakes. These will come in handy when you are going up and down.

When to Collapse the Devices

The locking devices of the baby stroller must be securely used. The locks are used to collapse your stroller, as well as to smoothen the collapsing process. When you collapse your baby stroller, make sure that your little fingers are not caught in collapsing mechanism. Of course, it is safer to carry your child first then collapse the device. Each model surely has a manual book in which you can learn how to unfold and collapse the stroller the right way. Do not let your child play with that.


The safety harness is one of the most crucial elements to keep your baby safe. This will prevent your baby from fall accidentally, or topple up when you accelerate your baby stroller. The most modern stroller comes with a five-point safety harness. But there are also three-point versions. We recommend you to use the five-point safety harness baby stroller since they are safer. If yours does not have a safety harness, then you need to purchase the harness separately.

Check Overall Condition of the Stroller

To make sure that you will have fun and safe with your baby, you’ll need to make sure that your device is in prime condition. Always include this in your SOP so that you’ll have a peace of mind when outing with your beloved child.

These tips seem simple but when you apply them, guaranteed that you will have a fun and safe trip experience.

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