28 Quart Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler

The 28 Quart Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler features a slimmer design that makes it easier to slide into your car. The cooler can only be used in chest form, but it’s large enough to hold thirty-two cans or a couple of two liters in an upright position. The brushless motor is longer-lasting than your average thermoelectric cooler motor, and it can be plugged into any 12-Volt outlet. With a special adaptor, sold separately, it can be plugged into a regular AC outlet.

Features of the 28 Quart Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler

Like other thermoelectric coolers, this Igloo cooler doesn’t need any ice, which is convenient for when you want to pack as much into the cooler as possible. This lighter-weight cooler weighs about fifteen pounds, and it can plug in anywhere with the special AC converter, as it comes with a DC plug. One thing to note about this cooler is that it can only be used in the chest position.

Features Include:

  • Doesn’t require ice and allows you to pack more into the cooler
  • Lighter-weight than some other thermoelectric coolers
  • Plugs in anywhere with extra AC converter
  • Only used in chest position
26 Quart Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler

Pros and Cons of these Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

The Igloo Chill thermoelectric cooler gets good reviews for its quieter motor, which sets it apart from other thermoelectric travel coolers. The cooler also features a sleek & slimmer design, which means you can fit this larger-capacity cooler into your car more easily. Besides this, it’s made of longer-lasting materials, as many Igloo coolers are, so it’s a good investment and is less expensive than comparable Coleman models.

  • Quieter motor than similar designs
  • Slimmer design fits easier into the car
  • Longer-lasting materials
  • Less expensive than similar Coleman models

Is the 28 Quart Iceless Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler The Best Choice For You?

The 28 Quart Iceless Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler is a great option for those who need a mid-sized thermoelectric cooler for road trips and picnics. If you need a cooler that will fit easily into your car, this is definitely the best option with its slimmer design. The cooler will slide more easily between seats, making it perfect for the family van or SUV or even a smaller car when a back seat will be free.

Best Availability and Price

This thermoelectric cooler might be difficult, at best, to find in your average super store or camping supply store. However, you can find this specialized equipment online, where nine times out of ten you’ll also get the best price. Find today’s best price on the 28 Quart Iceless Igloo Thermoelectric Cooler here.